LaserWaresTM is the leading Brand in high power laser systems for laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving and laser welding applications. Our systems are used by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic, semiconductor, flat panel and medical industries around the world.

Quality: The manufacturing of every component and sub-assembly that is purchased is manufactured with a long term serviceability guarantee. We provide 1 year worry free warranty

Performance: Each machine comes equipped with a computer includes easy to use ezCAD software package that is industry standard. This software encompasses a quality and image analysis for each task to ensure your jobs are executed properly. Most of our Fiber Laser have a long term maintenance free lifespan up to 100000 hrs. The machine will perform with consistent quality for a long period of time.

Production Line: We have a wide production line. From laser marking to laser welding and laser cutting, our products can cover all these applications. We also offer laser marking OEM kits for integration to customer’s production lines.

Price: We are able to sell systems for the best price in this industry

LaserWares™ Brand is associated with better throughput, higher quality and low cost of ownership for each of our products. We are raising the standards and working toward making everyone’s life simpler through each laser application.