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How to Select a Laser

Are you looking for a laser that can mark metal with barcodes, logos and serial numbers? There are two different Laser types to meet your needs.

Fiber Laser Marking System:

Permanent marks of all kinds are required on many products today. Fiber lasers, because of their extremely long operational life, lack of required maintenance or alignment and relatively low cost are rapidly becoming the marking method of choice for industrial marking applications. As government regulations become more strict about disposal of traditional marking materials like ink and acid etching chemicals, companies are looking for ways to make their product marking easier and environmentally friendly.


The Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking

  • It does not affect the integrity of the part;
  • Produce a high-contrast permanent mark;
  • No maintenance needed;
  • Compatible with almost any Windows-based software;
  • Easy to use

CO2 Laser Marking System:

Non-contact CO2 laser marking is an excellent method of permanently marking your products. While traditional metal engraving removes part of the tool, changing the strength of the part, the laser mark is actually on top of the metal. Wherever the laser hits the metal marking spray, a reaction is created where the spray bonds to the metal, creating a permanent black mark. Whether you’re marking one part or a thousand, nothing compares to the fast and affordable marking that a CO2 laser system provides. The CO2 laser systems that work with the additional spray are also more versatile than our FiberMark system because they will work with wood, acrylic, leather and many more materials.

The Advantages of CO2 Laser Marking

  • Lowest cost of machinery for laser marking;
  • Produce a very high-contrast black mark (needs marking spray);
  • Work with more materials, woods, plastics,  leathers…
  • Does not change the tolerances of the tool because no material is removed;
  • Compatible with almost any Windows-based software;
  • Is exceptionally easy to use