100W Laser Cleaning Machine


Laser cleaning is a non-contact, environmentally friendly process for removal of surface coating from metals, concrete and delicate substrates such as composites – with minimal impact on the base material. Laser cleaning is applicable in nearly every industry and can be applied to glass, ceramics, metals, concrete, plastics and much more. Our portable system expands the cleaning from the floor to the field.

Laser cleaning and removal can be applied to surfaces of bridges, aircraft, large vehicles, trains, etc – in addition to small parts and sensitive materials.

Model Number LWCM-1064-0100
Price(US$) Call US
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Output Power (W)[1] 100
Output power level 10 ~ 100 %
Laser  Frequency (kHz) 10 ~ 50
Power Stability < 3%
Pulse Width(ns) 100~130
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Power Supply 3 Phases 480V A/C
Dimensions (mm) 670 x 1100 x 1150


[1] Higher power available upon request.



P/N: N/A

♦ Compact Structure
♦ High Rigidity
♦ High Reliability
♦ High Efficient Cleaning

♦ Industry cleaning
♦ Rust removal
♦ Paint removal
♦ Surface preparation