1460 Laser Cutting Machine


LaserWares is an industrial leader in producing high power Fiber Laser cutting machines. Our standard line of laser cutting machines is built in different sizes, speeds and strengths to meet different industry applications.

These machines use lasers to cut materials and are usually used in industrial manufacturing settings. Laser cutting works by directing the power of a high power laser at the material ready to be cut. The material either melts burns or vaporizes away leaving an edge with a high quality finish. Most industrial cutters ar commonly used to cut flat sheet metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium etc.

Model Number LWLC-1460-0500 LWLC-1460-0750 LWLC-1460-1000
Price(US$) $65,690 $81,390 $92,890
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Output Power (W)[1] 500 750 1000
Cutting Depth(mm)[2] Up to 22
Cutting Speed(m/m)[3] Up to 30
Cutting Area(mm) 1400 x 600
Repeatbility(mm) ±0.05
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Power Supply 3 Phases 480V A/C
Power Consumption(KW) <5


[1] Higher power up to 3000W available upon request.

[2] Depends on materials.

[3] Depends on materials.



P/N: N/A

♦ Compact Structure
♦ High Rigidity
♦ High Reliability
♦ High Efficient Cutting

♦ Industry Processing
♦ Car Parts
♦ Arts
♦ General Metal Cutting