Floor Type MC400 Laser Marking Machines


Compare with Q-switching fiber laser technology,  the pulse shape including repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in the LaserWares™ series MOPA configuration, while the peak power of the fiber laser can be well maintained. This special feature is crucial for material processing applications. Besides, its good pulse width tunability enables minimum pulses deformation, widen the application scope of fiber laser marking machine. MC400 Series has a wide frequncy range which is 1~400kHz, the higher frequncy laser can create smoother finish than Q-switch Laser Marker.

Model Number LWLM-20MS-400 LWLM-30MS-400 LWLM-60MS-400
Price(US$) $9,390 $11,690 $21,690
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Output Power (W)[1] 20 30 60
Max Pulse Energy(mJ) 0.66 1.2 1.8
Power Tunability(%) 5~100
Beam Quality (M2) 1.3 1.8 1.8
Frequency Range(kHz) 1~400
Pulse Width(ns) 200
Max Speed(mm/s) 7000
Marking Area (mm)[2] 75/100/150/200/300
Marking Depth(mm) 0.01~0.5
Min Line Width(mm) 0.01
Repeatbility(mm) 0.005
Power Supply 110V A/C 50/60Hz
Power Consumption(W) <500
Dimensions(mm) 790x370x690
Cooling Air Cooling
Weight(Kg) 120


[1] Higher power available upon request.

[2] May need power concentrator for large working area.



P/N: N/A

♦ Deep Engraving
♦ Turn-Key System
♦ High Beam Quality
♦ Wide Frequency Range
♦ Heavy Duty Station

♦ Black marking on Metals
♦ Metal Anodizing
♦ Peeling coating
♦ Engraving
♦ Thin Metal Cutting