Every machine is tested in US and shipped to you from our facility locate at Woburn MA. We have 2 Year factory warranty on the laser and 1 year warranty on other accessories, plus 1 year free technical support.

We provide field service, training service and design service. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Q & A

1 – Do I need an extra Lens for a bigger marking area? Is that recommended? If so how much will be the cost?

Ans: 200x200mm is our default configuration for 20W/30W laser marker. We have 100/150/200/300mm lenses. To have an extra lens costs $350.

2 – Is a bigger Lens means less Fine Print compare to small 100mm x 100mm Lens?

Ans: Yes, simply changing to a bigger lens increases spot size. Although this does not affect the quality since the eye cannot see the difference, but the energy level is reduced, that could be a major problem. However, Laserwares has a solution for this by reconfiguring the optical system with more lenses so that the spot size remains the same for both small lens and large lens. The cost is an extra $850.

3 – What Image file the Software accept. Can it print Photo from Jpeg file?

Ans: Yes, bitmap and vector files are accepted. Like JPG/JPEG/BMP/TIF/PDG/GIF, AI/DXF/SVG/G file.

4 – Is the software work with the True Type Font (.TTF)

Ans: Yes.

5 – Is the software upgradable and what software in the machine?

Ans: Yes and NO. After the initial familiar with the software, one quickly wants to try different laser settings. The laser engraving machine is a tool, not a “printer” Just like a carving knife, one needs to practice to produce good artwork. There is no software can help you, since the variables are so many and the results are often personal preference. Our software is EZCAD that is optimized with the control electronics. Most customers came back wanting better lasers to have a better result not software.

6 – What is the maximum laser power can I get for laser marking or engraving?

Ans: The average power does not translate into the result. Laser marker uses pulse mode that generates high power in a short time and on a smaller spot. The power of each pulse and shape of it as well as the ability to focus limit the quality and speed of the marking operation. More average laser power gives you more pulses thus higher throughput, but you must have the laser pulse quality to achieve what you want first. 60W MOPA is the best on the market. 100W trades off the pulse quality and energy.

7.- Why the large price difference for the 20W laser makers?

Ans: This is similar to carving knives of the same size, but one is made of regular ion (Q-switched), and another one is made of special ion (MOPA). Therefore one is much sharper than the regular one. If you only mark serial numbers on Al and Steel, then buy our Q-Switched machine at $5500. If you want good looking marking on many material surfaces, then buy our 20W MOPA at $8400 which is the best performance and price.

8.- Could I get a discount to buy directly from you?

Ans: Yes. We waive the shipping cost

9.- Can I pay you COD?

Ans: Yes and NO. There are about 10% to 13% surcharges to do this method, and you need to cover this cost and deal with the trouble of setting up. A letter of credit is used for oversea buyers which you may not want to pay the surcharge.

10. Do I get a discount if I do not need the computer?

Ans: No. Because it costs more to teach you how to install the software. You can sell the notebook which is new.

11. How to mark on curved or uneven surface?

Ans: We have a 3D laser marker which is excatly designed for such applications.

12. How to mark on plastics?

Ans: Use a UV laser maker, we have 2 options: 3W or 5W.